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    Name: Surveyhead
    Location: Unknown
    An unsolicited or spam email has been received from this address with the title Exciting New Entertainment Survey For You!. Because this was a spam message, it is recommended not to trust the content of any emails that you are receiving from this

User Submitted Comments:

    I never get surveys. Why>

    Since Talkbacksurveys is ending on April 30 I was wondering why I can not get one of the following surveys marked as earned so that I can redeem my rewards for $25.00 gift card before the end of tomorrow. The surveys in questions are older than 30 days and are as follows: QG#379239 0n 3/2/15 for $.75, QG#380105 on 3/9/15 for $2.00, QG#1205763 on 3/26/15 for $1.25, or QG#387958 on 3/26/15 for $1.00. I only need one to be earned to raise my earned balance from $24.55 to getter than $25.00 so I can redeem my balance. I sincerely hope this is not a sign that I will loose out on redeeming what I should have earned.
    Thanks for your help.

    I just recently received an email from stating that i have just been sent a survey for me to answer, but as soon as i click on the "Start the Survey Now" button it directed me to my ipoll dashboard and stated that it was an "Invalid survey url, survey id is missing in the url". What happened? What's gping on? Please help me solve this this problem.

    Why can't I redeem my survey dollars for a gift ? I have 30.00 dollars in points but can't seem to use them on your site , whats going on ,

    Please tell me how to redeem your cash reward and how much we need for redemption of cash reward?

    It has been several weeks now and I still do not have surveys I have sent 3 or 4 request for help and still nothing Thank you Richelle Landman , arl1dsl2 email is

    Por error presione cerrar cuenta y les pido me consideren como miembro de esta empresa para la que quiero trabajar. María Esther González muñoz.

    What would your idea about this program be if you read the above comments?

    I want a full refund of $70 I purchased this 4 days ago and I'm not happy with it. Please issue me with a full refund as advertised or I will take further action.

    8/16/2012 take me off your list !! You guys are the scam, again i spend 15 minutes on a survey only to get half way through and some bull crap, sorry for whatever reason this time i didn't qualify crap, when i just answered a bunch of the questions already . you guys are ****oles so piss off.

    where is the amount listed at account thershold to tell me how much i have to make before i can cash out its blank i have over 48 dollars in there and another 10 dollars pending why cant i find a way to cash out why is there no nuber posted for account thershold and why is there no cash out button for me to press

    where is the cash out button i have over 48 dollars why cant i get my money

    My email is: Why you don't send confirmation email to me???

    non mi è arrivata l'email di conferma

    take your rewards and shovel

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